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Pokémon Blue Nuzlocke Guide

This guide contains useful information for a Blue Nuzlocke. Lists of all of the available Pokémon, the number of encounters, and detailed overviews of all Boss battles.

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Blue Encounters

A fun aspect of Nuzlocke runs is the variety of encounters forcing you to try out new Pokémon you've never used before. That is why it's important to know which Pokémon will be available during a run. We've compiled a list of every encounter for Pokémon Blue so you can quickly see who you might want on your team!

Pokémon Blue has 45 different encounter locations with 93 different Pokémon available as wild encounters. Hover over a Pokémon to see where to encounter it!

1 Dragon Pokémon encounters

2 Ghost Pokémon encounters

2 Ice Pokémon encounters

4 Fire Pokémon encounters

4 Fighting Pokémon encounters

4 Rock Pokémon encounters

7 Grass Pokémon encounters

7 Electric Pokémon encounters

8 Psychic Pokémon encounters

9 Bug Pokémon encounters

9 Flying Pokémon encounters

10 Ground Pokémon encounters

11 Normal Pokémon encounters

18 Water Pokémon encounters

20 Poison Pokémon encounters

1Dragon Pokémon

2Ghost Pokémon

2Ice Pokémon

4Fire Pokémon

4Fighting Pokémon

4Rock Pokémon

7Grass Pokémon

7Electric Pokémon

8Psychic Pokémon

9Bug Pokémon

9Flying Pokémon

10Ground Pokémon

11Normal Pokémon

18Water Pokémon

20Poison Pokémon

Blue Boss Battles

In order to complete a Blue Nuzlocke and become the Champion, you will need to win 22 Boss battles throughout the Kanto region - ranging from bickering Rival & Evil team fights, to Gym Leaders & ultimately the Elite Four.

These can be a challenge, especially when your dear nicknamed nuzlocke mons are at risk. So below we've listed detailed overviews of all these fights! Giving you all the information you'll need to face everything from Blue's Squirtle to Lance's Dragonite.

8 Gym Leader fights

5 Elite Four fights

7 Rival fights

2 Evil Team fights

Select your starter type

Like all Pokémon games, you will have to select a starter. The type will update some of the boss teams to match. For example, if your starter was a grass type Blue might have a fire type to take advantage!

Gym Leader fights

Elite Four fights

Rival fights

Evil Team fights

Now that you're ready to take on the Pokémon Blue Nuzlocke Challenge, why not keep track of all your encounters with the Nuzlocke Tracker?